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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Release: Bush Administration Placates Anti-immigrant Extremists with New Enforcement-only Regulations

New Regulations Promise to destroy families and create more economic hardship for Immigrant Community

August 14, 2007

Salem, Oregon--On Friday, the Bush Administration revealed its latest unrealistic immigration enforcement only scheme. Despite bi-partisan agreement that our current immigration system is broken, the administration is seeking to now curry favor with the anti-immigrant faction by adopting tactics that have already proven to be failures.

The Administration’s new regulations come on the heels of Senator Gordon Smith’s enforcement only "Lawful Worker Tax Deduction Act" (S.1849), another attempt to placate the anti-immigrant fringe. Oregonians should want to know why an Administration, who has voiced consistent support for immigrants and workers, much like Senator Smith, when it was politically opportune, would now consider using tax dollars and resources to divide families, militarize worksites, and hurt the economies of local communities. >>read our entire release

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