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Friday, October 26, 2007

44 “Do-Nothing” Senators Reject Children’s DREAMs

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44 Senators Reject Children’s DREAMs
“Do-Nothing” Senators Obstruct Practical Solutions…Again

Washington, DC – Today, a procedural vote in the Senate that would allow some children of undocumented immigrants to get on the path to legal status through hard work, education and military service was defeated. The following is a statement by Clarissa Martinez, Campaign Manager for the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

“Today’s vote in the Senate is just another indication that Washington cannot get its act together and provide practical solutions to our problems. Although a majority of the Senate voted in support of DREAM today, Senators who voted no have signaled that they are more interested in excuses, obstructionism and politics than in rolling up their sleeves and finding solutions to the nation’s challenges.

And sadly, a majority of Republicans have decidedly taken a stand against children today, so they can continue stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment for political calculations. They’ve been aided and abetted in this misguided approach by several Democratic members. What shame.

These “do-nothing” Senators are determined to prevent conscientious members of both parties from coming together to address issues—even when it comes to a narrowly crafted piece of legislation that has had broad bipartisan support for a decade or more. They have chosen once again to pass the buck to states and local communities who are left to deal with Congressional abdication of responsibility.

And they try to cloak their do-nothing attitude with excuses about process and what not. Some of these excuses are outright laughable:

  • Some argue that we need is a comprehensive approach – yet they fought to obstruct and defeat that approach every step of the way.

  • Some are upholding White House statements – some of the very same who opposed the White House during the reform debate.

  • Some have repeatedly expressed their support for DREAM – so far as they did not have to cast a vote for it.

  • And yet others have argued they’ve had no time to deliberate the issue.
  • But let’s be clear that the DREAM Act has been debated extensively and received broad bipartisan support – for years. This is a carefully and narrowly crafted piece of legislation that Senators from both parties have supported, even in its previous version which was much broader in scope. This legislation even received a successful 16-3 vote in a Republican controlled Judiciary Committee. And today, a majority still voted for this measure. There are more than a few Senators who will have to wear the badge of shameless flip-flopping, lack of leadership and outright obstructionism.

    Our country needs Senators who are willing to get back to the business of governing and solving the nation’s problems rather than fear-mongering and playing politics. This vote was an opportunity for them to show their true character, and 44 of them have shown their lack of it.”


    The Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CCIR) is a campaign powered by the strategic, coordinated activities of immigrant advocacy, civil rights, faith-based and labor organizations across the United States and Capitol Hill. Our central purpose is to achieve passage of workable comprehensive immigration reform legislation that serves our nation.


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