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Monday, November 12, 2007

César E. Chávez Boulevard

We are less then a week away from a historic vote on renaming Interstate Avenue to Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard. With your support, partnerships with community based organizations, and an unwavering commitment to honoring Cesar E. Chavez, we will be successful.

On Tuesday, November 6th, Latino Network convened a group of leaders from diverse communities to add their voices and wisdom to the ongoing debate of re-naming N Interstate Avenue to César E Chávez Boulevard. The press conference highlighted the broad community support for renaming Interstate Avenue and established even stronger partnerships and alliances.

We have received confirmation that on Thursday, November 15th, at 3pm Portland City Council will consider two resolutions. Mayor Tom Potter will introduce a resolution asking for a vote on renaming Interstate Avenue. Commissioners Randy Leonard and Sam Adams will continue discussion on their resolution to dissolve the current process and renaming committee, and start a new complicated and drawn out process with a different renaming committee. A vote is expected on both resolutions.

It is important that ALL of our supporters to rename Interstate Avenue to Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard attend the November 15th, 3pm council meeting. Your presence will make difference and demonstrate all of the people impacted by the decisions that are made and outcome of the vote. Plan on attending, arrive early if you want to sign up to testify, and bring others with you.

Leading up to this date, continue to make your opinions heard by contacting the city commissioners:

Mayor Tom Potter, (503)823-4127,

Commissioner Sam Adams, (503)823-3008,

Commissioner Randy Leonard, (503)823-4682,

Commissioner Dan Saltzman, (503)823-4151,

Commissioner Erik Sten, (503)823-3589,

Let them know how important a YES vote to renaming Interstate is to you, your neighbors and future generations.

Visit for the most current information.

If you have not already done so, please sign the online petition and encourage others to do the same. As mentioned before, it is a week away from this historic vote, so we need to continue to our efforts and cannot slow down.


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