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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Ad Shows Negative Effects of Anti-immigrant Laws

A community organization, Mexicans & Americans Thinking Together (, developed a 30 second commercial called “Drive Them Out” for a coalition of businesses in Northern Virginia.

The ad tells the story of Riverside, New Jersey where a law was passed penalizing any business that hired undocumented workers and any tenant that provided housing to these immigrants and their families.

After 1 year, with 75% of the immigrants leaving town and 45% of the businesses closing their doors, the city rescinded the law in effort to avoid disaster due to its failing economy.

The commercial concludes with a message for NoVa residents: “Today, dozens of other municipalities are re-thinking such laws. The moral, Virginia let’s be careful what we wish for.”

The ad can be viewed here

Thanks to KJ over at ImmigrationProg Blog for passing this story along.


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