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Thursday, February 14, 2008

How did your Representative Vote on SB1080?

Yesterday, Senate Bill 1080 passed the Oregon State House by a vote of 45-15. Upon final approval from the Governor, the bill will become law requiring ALL individuals to show proof of legal presence in United States and a valid Social Security number before the DMV will issue, renew or replace a driver's license, driver's permit or identification card. read more

See which legislators turned their back on immigrants, the Latino community and the safety of Oregonians and voted to deny driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants Here


Pablo Revere said...

This divisive, craven political, racist & bigoted bill will very negatively affect our economy & all Oregonians. Those cowardly lawmakers who caved into the far right, especially so-called democrats, must be held to account. Fortunately, the Primary & General Elections are soon and we must pledge not to forget nor to support those who would not support us or our values.

The most important thing we can do right now is tell our contacts, business and personal, that Oregon is open for business for racists & bigots; so those who support diversity and multiculturalism can stop or reduce their business, conventions, trade, tourism, student exchanges, or whatever form of business they might do with and in Oregon, until the repeal of this bill which targets innocent, hard working immigrants and people who support human rights, by taking away their right to a drivers license and all our privacy.

If there are no consequences to bigotry, it will grow & spread. Unless we stand up for others' rights, ours are in danger.

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