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Monday, February 25, 2008

Presidential Candidates Get Real on Immigration

Duke over at Migra Matters has a great article about Thursday's CNN debate where immigration and immigration reform were discussed. In his piece, Are Dems finally starting to lick the "third rail of US politics?", he discusses how the Democratic Candidate's have taken the issue on with a "clairity and forcefulness we have not seen in previous encouters".

During one question, the candidates were asked about how "raids had generated a great deal of fear and anxiety in the Hispanic community and have divided the family of some of the 3 million U.S.-born children who have at least one undocumented parent."

One of the candidates responded:

"...when we see what's been happening, with literally babies being left with no one to take care of them, children coming home from school, no responsible adult left, that is not the America that I know. That is against American values. And it is a stark admission of failure by the federal government ."

Check out Migra Matters and read the full article to see who said what.


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