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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Family Research Council Wants LGBT Americans Exported

Today, while discussing the Family Research Council’s opposition to the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA), Peter Sprigg, vice president of policy at FRC, had this to say:

"I would much prefer to export homosexuals from the United States than to import them into the United States because we believe homosexuality is destructive to society."

Immigration Equality, a national organization that works to end discrimination in U.S. immigration law, to reduce the negative impact of that law on the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and HIV-positive people, and helps obtain asylum for those persecuted in their home country based on their sexual orientation, transgender identity or HIV-status responded to FRC’s callous comment by saying:

Unfortunately, the Family Research Council's preference to export lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans prevails. This policy continues to separate people who love each other, but of course Mr. Sprigg's group doesn't care about that.

I hope, however, that the Family Research Council realizes that when we 'export homosexuals' we also export talented men and women who have made incredible contributions to this country and its economy - THAT is 'destructive to society'. LGBT Americans who are forced into exile from this country are researchers for companies like GE and Pfizer, nurses in the Midwest, teachers in our inner cities and sons and daughters of aging parents who depend on them for care.

The Family Research Council might not care about our families but current immigration laws are 'destructive' to America and I hope that is something they do care about."


Stellewriter said...

Every ten minutes a child is born, 1/2500, in which the doctor cannot determine the sex, or gender. These children are Intersex; they are born into a life of not male or female. Likewise in similar fashion the Transsexual is identified with a Bioneurological congenital condition they too are locked into something not quite so clearly defined as male, or female. The best we can do is live as close to what we seem to believe we are. That may preclude the wants, and often ignorant and bigoted beliefs of others. In what case do we ignore this issue and abandon the children who now cannot hide? How can anyone continue in hate and prejudice so as to deny simple equality and justice? It is either time for change and understanding, or simply wheedle out the transgender element as inhuman and adopt the final solution as Hitler visualized? Not an easy thing to resolve, but one that is present and will not go away.

I can appreciate another’s opinion, and the freedom to express same, But I would hope they would be with regard to the children, teens, and emerging adults, and all who are not so fortunate to have been born by someone’s idea of “normal.”

I am a veteran who has served this nation, a conservative, a Christian, a parent, and finally a Transsexual. I do not fit in Mr. Spriggs little box of innuendo and assumed sins. Yet, if he wishes to exile anyone for their birth circumstances let him first come for me! I look for the day, and the opportunity to answer as had my forefathers.


Zoe Brain said...

Perhaps they could take a leaf out of Australian Government policy.
It is deemed "unneccessary or undesirable" to give transgendered people a passport. Instead, they are offered a "Document of Identity" which gives them the right to leave the country: but as the document points out "does not guarantee the right of re-entry".

It took me a 20 month legal fight to get my own passport, as was my right by Act of Parliament, not mere explanatory statements.

Technically I'm Intersexed, but as my condition leads to a natural change of appearance, I consider myself Transsexual. I've always had a female gender identity - but I used to look male (and tried to conform to societal expectations), and now I look female. The fact that the change was natural rather than man-made is a mere detail of no importance.

Zoe Brain said...

Oh yes, I too am a conservative, and a parent. Though that last posed some technical problems, as you can imagine.

And I've spent a ridiculous amount of my life peering into radar or sonar screens on submarines and destroyers.

You might think that those of us who have defended our country might have our country defend us in return.

Zoe Brain said...

Zoe E Brain
Canberra, Australia

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