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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hate Crimes Against Latinos Fueled by Groups, Commentators?

An editorial yesterday highlighted the new FBI statistics showing a 35 percent increase in hate crimes against Latinos between 2003 and 2006. In addition to the FBI statistics, the editorial points out that a Southern Poverty Law Center reports that hate groups are on the rise as well. They counted a total of 888 nationwide--44 more than it counted in 2006 and 286 since 2000. 11 of the 888 are in Oregon.

What is fueling the hate?

“extreme sentiments, once the exclusive province of white supremacists, have begun to seep into the mainstream. They’ve become the common verbal currency of nativist immigration-reform activists, talk radio hosts, cable TV commentators and even elected officials who smear immigrants as criminal aliens, invaders, terrorists and cockroaches — human detritus whose dangerous, lawless presence must be swept from this country.”

The editorial falls short of naming those “immigration reform activists", talk radio hosts and cable TV commentators and even elected officials. We can be sure that Oregon has at least a few talk radio show hosts and a couple "immigration reform groups" that fit the modus operandi.

The solution to the climate of hate we find ourselves?

“In this year’s elections, Americans should choose candidates for both Congress and the White House who will help make true reform a reality and begin healing a nation that has been too long and too deeply torn over immigration.”

Based on the rejection of anti-immigrant candidates like Mitt Romney and Tom Tancredo, it appears Americans are trying to head in that direction.

Read the entire editorial here


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