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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Breaking Laws to Build a Border Fence

This one from KJ over at ImmigrationProf Blog about breaking laws to build a border fence. In a post today, KJ asks a great question, "Is it worth bending the rule of law for a fence of no value to effectively address immigrataion control concerns AND results in deaths?"

In response, he highlights an article, "Power to Build Border Fence Is Above U.S. Law", that appeared in the New York Times today.

Securing the nation’s borders is so important, Congress says, that Michael Chertoff, the homeland security secretary, must have the power to ignore any laws that stand in the way of building a border fence. Any laws at all. >>read on

KJ also offers an op/ed on "how the border fence is indicative of American insecurity" by Gregory Rodriguez. You can get that link here


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