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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Editor Calls Out ALIPAC for Spinning Fairytales

Seems more than just a few people are having a problem with ALIPAC. Today, Salem Statesman Journal Editor, Dick Hughes is having a problem with the anti-immigrant group’s honesty. In response to an action alert the group sent out this morning self-justifying their false reporting on a story, Hughes had this to say

The truth matters, not just saying "the truth is on our side." I find it unconscionable that ALIPAC is using a phony story about a "crime" to represent crimes by illegal immigrants. Such a strategy undercuts what ALIPAC says it stands for.

ALIPAC’s self-justifying email arrived on the heels of the mea culpa they issues yesterday evening after their veiled attempt to whip up hatred for Latino Immigrants failed. You can see a copy of that email here.

Not surprising to anyone, ALIPAC seems to be becoming increasingly desperate to find anything to demonize Immigrants, Latinos and any individuals or organizations that stand up to their racism and xenophobic rhetoric. Now more than ever they are reaching at any story, notion or fallacy they can find to energize their members. It is quite sad.


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