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Friday, April 25, 2008

Pope Benedict Encourages Compassion and Humanity for Immigrants

During Pope Benedict's visit last week, he called for humane treatment of undocumented immigrants. While meeting with U.S. leaders and dignitaries, he reached out encouraging Americans "to continue to welcome the immigrants who join your ranks today, to share their joys and hopes, to support them in their sorrows and trials and to help them flourish in their new home."

Of his main concerns the Pontiff stated was the need to "protect family unity and immigrants’ human rights". In addressing ICE raids, he said regarding the separation of families that it “is truly dangerous for the social, moral and human fabric” And that, “families should be protected, not destroyed”.

Although the Pope’s message on immigration was embraced by many, there were a few vocal individuals that rejected it. This week, several articles highlighted the Pontiff's message of compassion and humanity towards immigrant families. Here are two articles highlighting that message of compassion and those usual suspects that oppose it.

Oppenheimer: Pope is right to urge humane treatment for immigrants

Andres Oppenheimer
The Miami Herald

Pope Benedict XVI's calls for humane treatment of undocumented immigrants during his trip to the United States got anti-immigration zealots more riled up than usual. Good! I'm beginning to like this pope.

Soon after the pope called on Americans to fight "all forms of violence . . . so that immigrants may lead dignified lives," and a White House statement suggested he brought up with President Bush the need to give immigrants and their children "humane treatment," some of America's most vocal opponents of immigration went ballistic.

CNN's anchor-procrastinator Lou Dobbs, the hero of most U.S. anti-immigration groups, shook his head with more than his usual dose of bitterness in his April 16 broadcast and charged that the pope was visiting Washington to "push the amnesty (for undocumented immigrants) agenda." >>read full article

Pope Speaks Up for Immigrants, Touching a Nerve


Even as he was flying to the United States, Pope Benedict XVI spoke of protecting immigrant families, not dividing them.

He raised the issue again in a meeting on Wednesday with President Bush, and later that day spoke in Spanish to the church’s “many immigrant children.” And when he ends his visit to New York on Sunday, he will be sent off by a throng of the faithful, showing off the ethnic diversity of American Catholicism. >>read full article


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