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Friday, May 16, 2008

Anti-Immigrant Group Plots Takeover of Oregon Republican Party

In a guest column posted on an anti-immigrant blog yesterday, Rick Hickey, Vice President of Oregonians for Immigration Reform urged their registered Republican members to run as Precinct Committee Persons (PCP). How?

Mr. Hickey explains:

You can become a PCP by voting for yourself (write-in) and having just two others write you in on their form and mail it in with the ballot. These two others need to be registered in the Republican Party and in your precinct or the adjacent one(s). There are hundreds of slots open statewide, so your vote(s) to become a PCP should be approved.

Why? Mr. Hickey asserts that OFIR members are “frustrated with John McCain and the Republican Party leadership decision to ignore or pander on this issue of illegal immigration.” And that, “A PCP has the voting rights to influence what happens in the party. If we cannot get help from the leadership here for now, as a PCP you can change that.

It certainly appears that Mr. Hickey and OFIR leadership are plotting a take over of the Republican Party of Oregon (ORGOP). Kind of laughable.

Read the full column from OFIR by clicking the image below.


Douglas Brenner said...

Republicans have been hurt by the anti-immigrant messages that came from Presidential Candidates and Legislators. Latinos en masse have been leaving the party. If they know whats good for them, I can't imagine this little stunt by OFIR will get much traction with Oregon Republican leadership.

Douglas Brenner
Tucson, Arizona

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