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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Video Reveals Link between Anti-Immigrant Groups and White Supremacists

A new video released from the Southern Poverty Law Center reveals what now is an undeniable link between anti-immigrant organization and white supremacists. The video titled, Behind The Veil: America's Anti-Immigration Network, starts by asking the question, "What if all the leading anti-immigration groups were founded by the same man, funded by the same organization, and [had] ties to White supremacy?" John Tanton, as the video discusses is that link.

Heidi Beirich, Deputy Director of the Intelligence Report with Southern Poverty Law Center and narrator of the video, reveals the connections between anti-immigrant forces and one of their founders and funders, retired ophthalmologist John Tanton.

In 1982, Tanton created U.S. Inc. as a fundraising arm to channel funds to his anti-immigration network. Over the years, U.S. Inc. has provided millions of dollars to FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform), U.S. English, the Center for Immigration Studies and several similar groups. 21st Century Fund, Population-Environment Balance, and the Immigration Reform Law Institute, which is now a litigation arm of FAIR, have also been the beneficiaries of funding from U.S. Inc.

Tanton became tied with controversy after writing a memo stating that Latin American immigrants brought a culture of political corruption with them to the United States, and that they were unlikely to involve themselves in civil life. Such outrageous and hate driven statements towards immigrants have become the hallmark of the groups Tanton funds.

In a press release from the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), President Janet Murguia said, "There is a debate to be had over immigration and we're anxious to have it. But, so far, the rhetoric has not been about policy, it has been about hate. No good policy has ever come from the demonization of one group by another. The hate has got to stop."

In the video, Beirich points out the connection between the dramatic rise in hate groups over the past eight years and their refocus on anti-immigrant rhetoric. According to the SPLC, the number of hate groups targeting Latinos is up 48% since the year 2000. "On the one hand," says Beirich, "the anti-immigrant system is based on pandering to the extremists that you know will join your ranks, back you, fund you, and attend your events. On the other hand, it tries to use groups like FAIR to present a more moderate face that seems disconnected from these folks, but really at the end of the day, isn't."

Murguia responded that "Most people don't realize that these groups have common origins and agendas that are suspect."

Not surprising, Oregonians for Immigration Reform has close ties to FAIR. On numerous occasions over the last several months, FAIR has sent out emails on behalf of Oregonians for Immigration Reform. As well, OFIR links to the organization and regularly promotes their activities. Last Tuesday, OFIR leadership sent out an email to their members urging them to attend an event in Washington D.C. being sponsored by FAIR.

Much like FAIR, Oregonians for Immigration Reform maintains publicly that they are not racist or hateful towards Latinos or founded on such principles. Last month however, a reader alerted CAUSA that Oregonians for Immigration reform had ties to a white supremacist website called New Nation (

In a Google search for “Oregonians for Immigration Reform”, a link revealed that the Oregon based anti-immigrant group’s website was formerly hosted by New Nation. ( A review of New Nation’s site shows an overtly racist agenda, one that seeks to promote hate of African and Latino Americans and non-whites. Additionally, posts in New Nation’s “Newroom” reveal an uncensored use of racial epithets and hate speech towards non-whites by New Nation "reporters".

Readers will remember the report on an Oregonians for Immigration Reform member in January who had been convicted of child molestation and known for racist remarks directed towards blacks and Latinos. Bruce Benkle, a barber in Fairview, was known well among OFIR leadership to be overtly racist. In one blog post last year, he boasted of frequenting a website that “had funny” yet, “racist” “jokes about Mexicans”. Benkle’s racist remark is just one of the almost daily statements by known OFIR members who equate Latino immigrants to “vermin”, and the blame for all America’s economic woes, contradicting the declaration of the organization to be free from racism and hate.

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