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Friday, August 1, 2008

Rally in Support of Farm Workers Tomorrow

Tired of mistreatment, long hours and a lack of respect, the majority of Beef Northwest Feedlot workers have been asking for over a year to be represented by United Farm Workers (UFW).
Instead of listening to their pleas, BNW have started a pressure campaign threatening worker leaders and doing everything they can to scare workers away from wanting a union contract.

On June 13, a card check was conducted at the feedlot by the Portland Workers' Rights Board. It found that the majority of workers do indeed want union representation.

Tomorrow a rally in support of Farm Workers at Beef Northwest Feedlot will be held at Whole Foods Market in NE Portland. As Whole Foods Market is a major retailer of BNW meat, organizers hope the company will put pressure on Beef Northwest to respect workers rights.

Below are details about the rally. For more information on the campaign, please visit this link.

Rally in Support of Farm Workers

Saturday, August 2, 2008
10 am to noon
3535 NE 15th and Fremont, Portland

Support farm workers at Beef Northwest Feedlot who want union representation by the United Farm Workers. The company is refusing to negotiate. Whole Foods is a major retailer of the meat from BNW steers and could use their influence to get BNW to respect the workers’ rights. Be there to show your solidarity with the workers who want justice and respect. Background on the campaign see:


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