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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Texas City Being Sued Over Immigration Ordinance

Opponents of an immigration ordinance are suing Farmers Branch, a Dallas suburb. The ordinance bans apartment and home rentals to tenants who can't prove they are U.S. Citizens.

According to the Dallas Associated Press, the lawsuit was filed in federal court and seeks to prevent Farmers Branch from requiring renters from obtaining a license from the city. The license is used by city officials to verify a tenant's citizenship status through the federal government.

In the report, the lawsuit, which was brought by a "group of apartment complex operators and a former Farmers Branch council member" stipulates that,

"the city is trying to regulate immigration despite it being the domain of the federal government. They also claim the ordinance fails to include clear, detailed procedures and safeguards and places a burden and liability on landlords."
Those bringing the lawsuit also say "the city is violating federal housing laws by trying to deny a dwelling to a person based on ethnicity and national origin". And that the ordinance "is part of a bigger attempt by Farmers Branch officials to push out Hispanic residents."

Read the full article: Opponents sue to stop Texas city's immigration law


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