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Monday, September 15, 2008

Undocumented Immigrants Being Persecuted During Gulf Coast Storms

Democracy NOW has a story up about how increased raids and check point arrests are endangering Undocumented Immigrants Threatened by Gulf Coast Storms.

Undocumented immigrants along the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast have resisted mandatory evacuation orders out of fear they could be arrested and deported at checkpoints. The climate of fear around deportation has worsened as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, or ICE, continues to step up its raids across the country, with two of the largest raids in US history taking place in the last five months. We speak to David Bacon, award-winning photojournalist, labor organizer and immigrant rights activist and author of Illegal People: How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Migrants.
Here is the video of the interview:

For a transcript of the complete interview, please visit Democracy Now!

Hat tip to FIRM for alerting us to this story.


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