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Friday, October 3, 2008

What is Bill Sizemore thinking?

Today, Our Oregon sent out an email asking the question, “What is Bill Sizemore thinking?” and a link to a their new website "NO MORE SIZEMORE".

Bill Sizemore, as many know, is the chief petitioner of several measures that will appear on the ballot this November. Among those include one that CAUSA has been actively engaged in working to defeat.

Measure 58, which would "prohibit teaching a public school student in a language other than English for more than two years", is vague and full of unintended consequences, and would take away local control from the principals, school districts and teachers who know our schools best.

In their email, Our Oregon had this to say about Sizemore:

No matter how many times Oregon voters tell him no, and no matter how many times he and his organizations get caught using fraud and forgery to get measures on the ballot, Bill Sizemore keeps coming back with more ballot measures. That leaves many Oregonians asking: What is Bill Sizemore thinking?
According to the group, the website “details Sizemore's troubled history with election law, his ongoing violations and contempt of court judgments, investigations into signature fraud, and his long track record of sponsoring vague, poorly worded ballot measures that attack working Oregonians.”

Our Oregon says it wants voters to know who is behind the measures before they vote for them. And that they are seeking to "give voters a look inside the mind of Oregon's most notorious initiative profiteer

To have a look for yourself, visit


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