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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

McCain: Comprehensive immigration reform is very necessary

In an interview with Senator John McCain, the Arizona Daily Star reports today that the former Republican candidate for President believes Comprehensive Immigration Reform is very necessary.

McCain said, it would be impossible to deport everyone who is not in the country "illegally". And that, "If somebody's been here for a long period of time and been good citizens, they've worked hard in their community and at their job — look, it's reality and there's not 12 million pairs of handcuffs in America."

Senator McCain was not volunteering to be the one to go out and push for passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. That, he said, will need to be lead by President-elect Obama. "If President Obama wants it to be a highest priority, I'm prepared to join in," McCain said. "If not, I'm not going to go out there, out front, because it's obvious it won't succeed unless we get the administration in the lead."

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Peter Coyotl said...

I applaud Senator McCain for still recognizng and acknowledging the need for Comprehensive Immigration reform.

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