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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

President Bush Offers Advice to the GOP on Immigration

During a speech to the American Enterprise Institute, President Bush gave advice to the Republican Party: “Tone down the "anti" rhetoric in the immigration debate, which soured many Hispanics toward the GOP”.

Even a month after Latinos handed sweeping defeat to the Republican Party, Conservative Talk Radio personalities continue their sharp and hateful tone against immigrants. This month General Colin Powell, a registered Republican said that members of the party should “stop listening to Rush Limbaugh”. And asked, “Is this really the kind of party that we want to be when these kinds of spokespersons seem to appeal to our lesser instincts rather than our better instincts?"

Powell said "if the party wants to have a future in this country, it has to face some realities. In another 20 years, the majority in this country will be the minority." Powell was no doubt responding to the many well publicized outrageous statements and actions made by Limbaugh. Back in May, Limbaugh called Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa a “Shoe Shine Boy” shocked that the Latino held such a high office.

It is not hard to see that conservative talk radio is very much viewed as the public face of the GOP. The party will certainly have to make some choices in the coming year on weather it will continue to assist in championing the same messages that brought it to it's knees last month.

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