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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Harvard University President Calls for Passage of DREAM Act

It was announced yesterday that Harvard University President Drew Gilpin Faust has come out in support of The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act.

In a letter to Senators Edward M. Kennedy and John F. Kerry and Representative Michael E. Capuano, Faust wrote, "I believe it is in our best interest to educate all students to their full potential - it vastly improves their lives and grows our communities and economy. This bill will help move us closer to this goal."

President Faust joins a growing list of leaders and adds a powerful new voice to a bill that would help so many suffering under an unfair and broken system.

The DREAM Act, which was reintroduced in Congress in March, would address the tragedy of young people who grew up in the United States and have graduated from U.S. high schools but whose future is circumscribed by current immigration laws.

President Faust should be commended for coming out so strong for these youth. It shows her true dedication to education and fairness for America’s children.

For more on the story, visit the Boston Globe



Toffey said...

It is very very sad to see a powerful nation like America doing such a thing to these little children. I asked myself if the opponents of Dream Act have ever thought of how this Nation was built and how God has blessed this nation?
It wasn't because of anything other than the compassionate that our forefathers had for the poor nations.

Now America seems to be the only Nation on the planet that almost all poor countries cry up too. Upon all the tragedies that American went through for the past 10yrs, the nation still stands to be the most powerful nation on the planet. Have Opponents asked themselves why all these God's blessings on us?

As the saying goes, "When you educate a man, you educate a nation" Whatever penny we spend to educate these children, it's like we are investing into the world. These children were born for the benefit of the world. Opponents, do you know the person who is going to discover cure for HIV/AIDS?

Citing myself for example, I came to this country about 5yrs ago. I'm only 22, But what i have done for Africa has impacted the life of over 2000 students. I didn't have any name for my project other than AMERICA.

Please and please, let us put politics aside and give these children the opportunity to achieve their God given potentials and the Good Lord will pure HIS abundant Blessing on US.

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