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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anti-immigration Group Gets Called Out for Fuzzy Math

Today, the Immigration Policy Center released a report taking to task the arguments from the anti-immigration group NumbersUSA, which they say "don't add up".

In their report, Fuzzy Math: The Anti-Immigration Arguments of NumbersUSA Don’t Add Up, IPC says NumbersUSA claims immigration to the U.S. "is all about arithmetic". They say the group believes "immigration increases the U.S. population, and more people presumably means more pollution, more urban sprawl, more competition for jobs, and higher taxes for Americans who must shoulder the costs of “over-population."

Looking at the data, IPC says the math doesn't mesh and points out that NumbersUSA's argument, "is fundamentally flawed and misses the point".

“Over-population” IPC says, is not the the cause of "environmental or economic woes facing the United States", and that "arbitrary restrictions on immigration" will not create a "cleaner environment" or "healthier economy".

Read the full report here.



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