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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anti-immigrant Activist Charged with ’97 Slaying of Homeless Latino Man

The Seattle Times is reporting that Jason Eugene Bush, who is facing charges in the brutal slaying Raul Junior Flores and his 9 year old daughter, has been charged in the stabbing death of Hector Lopez Partida, 29, a homeless man.

Bush was charged in the Flores murders along with Shawna Forde, the Director of the Washington State based Minutemen American Defense group, and Albert Gaxiola, a member of the same group.

According to the news report, an informant said that “Bush had bragged about killing "a Mexican" behind a store and that Bush had ties to white supremacist groups”.

Wenatchee police said in documents that they "learned Bush has had long-standing ties to Aryan Nations groups that commonly believe in white superiority over other races and have been known to be violent towards nonwhite races.”.

For more on the story, visit the Seattle Times by linking here.

Minutemen Charged in Brutal Slaying of Nine Year Old Child and her Father

Anti-immigration advocate held in '97 slaying



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