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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

City Council Votes unanimously to rename street after Cesar Chavez

Portland, OR--The Portland City Council voted unanimously today to change 39th Avenue to Cesar Chavez Boulevard.

According to The Oregonian, City Commissioners and Mayor Sam Adams each spoke of the importance of the street renaming as a symbol to honor the contributions of Latinos to the city of Portland.

"Ultimately we all are winners when our minds are opened to different perspectives and cultures. It's time to honor Cesar Chavez with a street name." said Commissioner Dan Saltzmen during today's hearing.

Mayor Sam Adams said, “the "great diversity" of the Latino community is not recognized in a significant symbol in Portland while Latino Americans have made significant contributions to the city”.

Congratulations to those who worked so hard on the renaming process which began two years ago. Stay tuned for details on the date for the renaming ceremony.

Read the full Oregonian article complete with comments from other City Commissioners by linking here.



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