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Monday, July 20, 2009

Visas protect undocumented immigrants who are victims of crime

The Oregonian ran a story on "T" and "U" visas designed to help protect undocumented immigrants who are victims of crime.

The program, according to the article is not very well known. And, although there has been a law in place for 9 years to protect immigrants who are crime victims, the Government has only recently started approving the "T" and "U" visas.

The T visa provides legal status for victims of trafficking, including those who are recruited for labor or services through force, fraud or coercion. And the U visa is for victims of crimes such as murder, assault, rape and sexual exploitation.
The T and U visas allow applicants to secure legal status, a work permit good for four years, and a petition for family members.

For the complete story, please link here



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