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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fear-Mongering and Falsehoods About Health Care Reform from Anti-immigrant Group

Immigration Impact: Anti-Immigrant Group Adds to Falsehoods About Health Care Reform

Washington D.C. - In a report released by the Center for Immigration Studies today, the anti-immigrant group jumps on the bandwagon of those attempting to derail substantive health care reform through fear-mongering and falsehoods. Their baseless claim that millions of unauthorized immigrants will receive government-subsidized health care on the government's dime has already been discredited by the President, the media, and the U.S. government's own researchers. These groups, however, persist in their efforts to hijack the debate in order to demonize immigrants.

In his Immigration Impact blog post today, IPC Senior Researcher Walter Ewing writes:

"These big, scary numbers {from CIS} are based on the false premise that there are simply no mechanisms in place to prevent unauthorized immigrants from receiving coverage under the bill. But, as a report released late last month by the Congressional Research Service points out, H.R. 3200 explicitly bars unauthorized immigrants from receiving federal subsidies for the purchase of health insurance. Moreover, as Saturday's New York Times reports, the health care bills currently circulating in Congress would increase insurance coverage among low-income workers primarily through the expansion of Medicaid-which already has proof-of-citizenship requirements in place."

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