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Friday, September 4, 2009

What happened at Oregon Town Halls?

Do you know what happened when CAUSA and our allies took the Reform Immigration For America message to Congressional Town Halls around Oregon last month?


Ilze said...

Considering the furious nature of the health care forums, I was afraid to watch this video. I hope the townhall attendees were not as barbaric as one would expect. Lately, the anti-health care people have charged that President Obama's health care reform would provide health care to "illegals," one more way to inflame the extremists. I strongly support immigration reform which would provide a pathway to citizenship and work permits for those who do not intend to become citizens. I fear, though, that if Pres. Obama tried to address immigration now, it would be catastrophic for him. I am hoping that a meaningful health care will be passed and that the economy will improve. Once those are achieved, taking on immigration reform will be less explosive.

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