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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lou Dobbs Departure Brings us Closer to Rational Debate on Immigration Reform

For Immediate Release
November 12, 2009

Shuya Ohno
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Lou Dobbs Departure Brings us Closer to Rational Debate on Immigration Reform

Washington, DC - CNN announced yesterday that Lou Dobbs, CNN's inflammatory anti-immigrant anchor, would be departing the network. The following is a statement by Rich Stolz, Campaign Manager of the Reform Immigration FOR America campaign, a national effort to unite faith, business, labor, progressive, civil rights, and immigrant organizations to pass comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level.

"Lou Dobbs's departure from CNN is welcome news, and a step toward the common sense debate on comprehensive immigration reform that this country desperately needs. For too long, he has been a voice of ill-informed, irresponsible propaganda and scare-mongering against immigrants and their families. Dobbs's brand of inflammatory rhetoric only exacerbates an already difficult problem by playing to people's fears instead of their heads. Reform Immigration FOR America is focused on achieving comprehensive immigration reform that treats immigrants fairly, requires the undocumented to register to be put on a path toward legal status, ends illegal hiring practices, encourages lawful immigration, and secures our border. Dobbs's exit from CNN clears an obstacle from a rational debate on immigration, hopefully leading to common-sense immigration reform."

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ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN: The Reform Immigration FOR America campaign is a coalition of more than 600 faith, labor, business, progressive, and immigration reform groups that have joined together to get comprehensive immigration reform passed. For more information please visit or

CAUSA, Oregon's Immigrant Rights Coalition, is a member of the Reform Immigration For America coalition and is the largest Latino and Latina civil and human rights and advocacy organization in the Pacific Northwest. We work to defend and advance immigrant rights through coordination with local, state, and national coalitions and allies. For more information, visit



Ivanov said...

Great news. The Minister of Propaganda and Hate is finally off the air. Deport him to Fox News, the largest gathering of angry old white males, blaming their failures in life on "the other".

wiezablaznow said...


kmilosd1 said...

Thank God CNN finally realized how a single person can tarnish the whole network's reputation. This is a victory for the rational and truly compassionate America. For too long we had to suffere the lies and demagoguery of someone who used a respected platform to spread fear and hate towards latinos in America. Today God smiles upon us and gives us a signal... Together WE CAN do it!!! YES WE CAN!!!

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