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Friday, January 8, 2010

New Study reveals the economic benefits of Immigration Reform

On Thursday, the Immigration Policy Center and the Center for American Progress released a groundbreaking report on the economic benefits of Immigration Reform.

According to an article at Immigration Impact, the report contrasts the economic benefits of comprehensive reform with the damage that would be done to the U.S. economy by a “mass deportation” campaign to remove all unauthorized immigrants from the country and effectively “seal the border” to future unauthorized immigration.

The report, Raising the Floor for American Workers, claims that immigration reform will raise the GDP in the United States by over $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years. In contrast, if the federal government were to actually attempt the implementation of a "fanciful, deportation-only scenario", the likely result would be “$2.6 trillion in lost GDP over 10 years, not including the actual cost of deportation,” as well as "widespread job losses throughout the U.S. economy".

The results from the study send a clear message to Congress that in order for the U.S. economy to recover, passage of comprehensive immigration reform legislation needs to be part of the strategy.

To read the full report link here or go to

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