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Friday, June 25, 2010

United Farm Workers Launch "Take Our Jobs" Campaign

On Thursday, United Farm Workers (UFW) launched a new campaign titled “Take Our Jobs”. The goal is to raise awareness that the food we all eat at home, in restaurants and at workplace cafeterias comes to us from the labor of undocumented farm workers. As UFW points out on their campaign website, “We are a nation in denial about our food supply."
During a press conference yesterday, UFW President Arturo Rodriguez had this to say,

Farm workers do the work that most Americans are not willing to do. Our current labor force is comprised of professional farm workers who possess essential skills needed to maintain the viability of the agricultural industry. But our nation’s struggling economy has fueled an increasingly ugly debate on immigration policy and many Americans believe that undocumented farm workers are taking jobs from our citizens and legal residents. Either Congress acts to bring a solution, or we will continue to see our food production move to other countries. The United States depends on these farms and farm workers for food.
According to their website, UFW is working to collect the names of citizens and legal residents ready to go to work. The organization will then use it's knowledge and staff to help connect the unemployed with farmers so they can fill jobs that often go to undocumented farm workers.
They also said they will send a letter to U.S. lawmakers, offering up farm workers who are “ready to train citizens and legal residents who wish to replace immigrants in the fields.” The campaign is encouraging Members of Congress to refer their constituents to vacant farm worker positions in locations across the country and likewise encouraging those who are interested or unemployed and are legal residents or U.S. citizens to apply.

Read a great article from Jackie Mahendra about this new campaign over at John Amato’s blog:


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