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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Compact introduced to guide Utah's immigration discussion

Salt Lake City, UT--A group of conservative civic, business, and religious leaders from Utah State have signed onto a declaration to set forth principles on immigration reform.

The Utah Compact
The document, referred to as the Utah Compact, was introduced last week during a ceremony by the Utah State Attorney General's Office, the Salt Lake City Mayor's Office, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Salt Lake, and the Sutherland Institute, a Utah-based public policy research organization supporting limited government.

The compact outlines five principles "to guide Utah's immigration discussion" which includes:

1. Federal Solutions: Immigration is a federal policy issue between the U.S. government and other countries—not Utah and other countries.
2. Law Enforcement: Local law enforcement resources should focus on criminal activities, not civil violations of federal code.
3. Families: We oppose policies that unnecessarily separate families. We champion policies that support families and improve the health, education and well-being of all Utah children.
4. Economy: We acknowledge the economic role immigrants play as workers and taxpayers. Utah’s immigration policies must reaffirm our global reputation as a welcoming and business-friendly state.
5. A Free Society: Immigrants are integrated into communities across Utah. We must adopt a humane approach to this reality, reflecting our unique culture, history and spirit of inclusion. The way we treat immigrants will say more about us as a free society and less about our immigrant neighbors. Utah should always be a place that welcomes people of goodwill.

Former Republican Governors Olene Walker and Norman Bangerter also signed onto the compact, along with the current mayors of Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County. The Church of Latter Day Saints and the Catholic Diocese also agreed to the pledge.

On Sunday, the Deseret News released an editorial which appeared on the front page in support of the Utah Compact. The editorial encouraged readers to endorse it through the compact's website.

To read more about the Utah Compact, visit their website at


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