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Monday, November 29, 2010

Take Action for the DREAM Act

The DREAM Act is coming up for a vote during the lame duck session of Congress and it needs your support. A vote in the U.S. Senate can be expected as early as tomorrow so action is needed NOW!

The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act is bipartisan legislation that addresses the situation faced by young people who were brought to the United States years ago as undocumented immigrant children and who have since grown up here, stayed in school, and kept out of trouble. It will allow these students to plan for their futures and let them realize the true American Dream. Read more by linking here

Tomorrow is the National Day of Action for the DREAM Act. Events will be taking place in states across the Nation. Here are three (3) things you can do to help ensure that this crucial piece of legislation passes:

  • Thank Oregon Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley and ask them to do everything they can to pass the DREAM Act, including talking to their colleagues:
    English: 866-996-5161 | Spanish: 866-961-4293

  • Call your Member of Congress by dialing 866-967-6018. Urge them to vote "Yes" on DREAM Act Legislation.

  • Call Republican Senators who have not made up their minds. We need their vote!:
    English: 866-587-6101 | Spanish: 866-956-3902

  • Send a message to Congress that the DREAM Act deserves a vote, and undocumented students deserve a chance to serve their country or go to college!

    Here are 20 great DREAM stories posted over at the We Are America website:


    CAUSA Communications Department said...

    help the students .... they are the future and will start by this help

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