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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OR Tuition Equity Bill blocked by obstructionists in House

-- Although the fight for fairness, justice and equality for Oregon students and their families is far from over

Unfortunately, yesterday a petition supporting Senate Bill 742, Oregon's bi-partisan Tuition Equity Bill, was unable to get the necessary signatures to move it from committee to the House floor for a vote. It fell 5 short of the necessary 31 signatures. The fact is, this is just another example of obstructionists in the Oregon State House blocking good legislation this session that would help people of color.

The upside is that this Tuition Equity bill had bi-partisan support and broad support from the business, faith, labor and education communities and made it further in the Oregon Legislature than it ever has in the past. It was what amounted to handful of House Legislators that denied it an up or down vote.

SB742 would have ensured that every Oregon student has fair access to quality and affordable higher education. It will also would had made it possible for all Oregon Students, regardless of their citizenship status, to be able to pay in-state tuition. Besides capitalizing on taxpayer investment in Oregon's K-12 students, it also would boost the education level of Oregon's workforce and boost our state economy.

This won't be the end of Tuition Equity for Oregon. CAUSA and our allies will continue this fight for fairness, justice and equality for Oregon students and immigrant families until Tuition Equity is a reality and Oregon joins the other 13 states that have already passed similar legislation.

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CAUSA Communications Department said...

I am glad the bill did not pass. Why should our legal Oregon US residents have to pay for illegal citizens to be educated before our own can get the classes. If they want their education so badly, go back to their country of origin and get it at YOUR country's cost.

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