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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Causa Staff Transitions

Letter to Community from Yanely Rivas, Causa Coalition Coordinator 

Dear Causa supporters and community members,

Four months after the defeat of Measure 88 (Oregon driver card), organizations from across the state quickly formed a loose coalition to respond to anti-immigrant petitions filed by the extremist nativist group, Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR), and their allies. United by our shared values around immigrant and racial justice, the coalition was determined to defeat all anti-immigrant proposals that aimed to undermine the wellbeing of thousands of immigrants and their families in our state.  

Inspired by the opportunity to help weave diverse communities together on the principle of respect, understanding, and the power of unity, I joined Causa as the Coalition Coordinator a year ago. During this time, the One Oregon Coalition has grown from 20 to 65 diverse partners that include labor, faith, environmental, reproductive health, Latinx, Asian Pacific Islander, Black, immigrant and refugee rights, rural, urban, LGBTQ, and economic justice organizations. Collectively, we were able to defeat all anti-immigrant proposals from qualifying onto Oregon’s 2016 ballot, engaged our respective bases around anti-immigrant threats through the “United Against Hate” campaign, worked with Latinx organizations to build leadership capacity, built relationships with groups that historically have not worked within the immigrant rights movement, and launched our website (!

As a first generation Xicana daughter to migrant parents from Mexico, it’s been an honor working with Causa and the One Oregon coalition to defend our immigrant and refugee communities. Despite the heightened extremist attacks towards low-income, racialized, and gendered communities, I truly believe we are living in a period with extraordinary potential for positive change. I know we, as traditionally marginalized communities, Somos Luchadores, we are fighters. Luchando a cada amanecer bajo un nuevo sol y so├▒ando con esperanza por las noches negras. Our resilience is what gives me faith that we will persist. We will protect. We will win.

This is just the beginning for our coalition. With that said, I’m beyond excited to introduce Causa’s and One Oregon’s new Coalition Coordinator. I have complete faith in Joel Iboa’s ability, commitment, and passion to carry and cultivate this work forward with you all.

¡La Lucha sigue!
In solidarity,
Yanely Rivas

While we’ll miss Yanely, we are glad to have Joel Iboa join us next month as Coalition Coordinator.

Joel is a son of immigrants from Zacatecas, Mexico and was born and raised in Eugene. He majored in sociology with a concentration in crime and delinquency from the University of Oregon. Honing his skills in MEChA and at CAER, Joel entered the statewide environmental justice movement as the Environmental Justice and Community Outreach Manager for Beyond Toxics advocating for Oregonians of color with contaminated air and water in their communities. He has championed increased protections for farm and forestry workers who are subject to poor working conditions and chemical exposure. Joel serves as a Human Rights Commissioner for the City of Eugene and as the youngest appointed Member for the Governors Environmental Justice Task Force. He brings a deep desire to a shine a light on all the threats posed to immigrants in Oregon, especially those lurking in the shadows


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