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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oregon Employers Form Immigrant Rights Coalition

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According to this morning's Eugene Register-Guard, employers from around Oregon have formed an immigrant rights coalition called the Oregon Essential Worker Immigration Coalition. The purpose of the coalition to to give employers a collective in a debate that has anti-immigrant opponents on one side, and Hispanic and immigrant-rights activists on the other. The coalition will launch its research, public-relations and lobbying efforts.

Oregon employers launch immigrant-rights coalition
By David Steves The Register-Guard
January 23, 2008

SALEM — Restaurants, nurseries and other Oregon employers are jumping into the state’s roiling immigration debate, bringing pro-business credentials to the fight against proposals seen as hostile to foreign-born workers and their families.

The Oregon Essential Worker Immigration Coalition is planning a February launch of its research, public-relations and lobbying efforts — all meant to add the voices of employers to a debate that’s largely pitted illegal-immigration opponents on one side, and Hispanic and immigrant-rights activists on the other. >>read entire article


Daniel said...

Why do you think that businesses who hire criminals would make an effective PR group?

CAUSA Communications Department said...

By calling immigrants criminals, with what is your basis that businesses are hiring “criminals”. If you mean to define a migrant as a “criminal” because they have come to do work in the United States where their services are required, what crime has been committed where no victim exists? What crime are they committing by wanting a better life for their families?

The fact is, the United States has helped create the conditions that have led people to migrate to this country. Poor migrants and those from certain countries, such as Mexico, have very little opportunity to immigrate to the United States though their need for work and the need of U.S. employers for their services are great.

Plain and simple, the United States has benefited and continues to benefit from the labor of it’s immigrant workforce. The businesses discussed in the Register-Guard article are just trying to help protect those immigrant families that are under attack.

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