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Friday, February 8, 2008

Anti-immigrant Radio Host Admits Being on the Fringe

In a brief moment of honesty, talk show host and anti-immigrant activist Lars Larson admits he is on the fringe. After hearing the returns from Super Tuesday and Mitt Romney’s lack of support, a caller to the show asked Larson about his support for the anti-immigrant candidate and the results.

The caller, who went by "Adrian" asked, given the result of Tuesday's vote, "doesn’t that put you on the fringe?” Larson responded by saying that “it may in fact suggest we are on the fringe”.

Get audio clip here.

Larson, like most anti immigrant talkers and activists have always maintained that their stance on immigration and their constant berating of Latinos is supported by the majority of American Voters. In fact, given the results of Romney’s overall failure, as we discussed in our post on Wednesday, American Voters have rejected the fringe and their anti-immigrant message.


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