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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oregon doesn't need more unlicensed drivers

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An editorial from the Corvallis Gazette Times in response to Senate Bill 1080:

We don’t need more unlicensed drivers

We shouldn’t allow a federal security mandate to trump common-sense highway safety here in Oregon.

The state Senate on Monday overwhelmingly approved a bill that would require proof of legal U.S. residence to get an Oregon driver’s license. The measure, which now goes to the House, where it also seems likely to win approval, would place into state statutes tighter identification requirements that are included in an executive order by Gov. Ted Kulongoski that took effect last week.

Supporters of the proposal claim that Oregon had become an easy place for noncitizens to obtain identification cards for “nefarious” purposes. They say these new, tougher requirements will help keep us all safer by preventing terrorists and drug dealers from obtaining driver’s licenses that could be used as ID. >>read on


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