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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Commissioner Sam Adams Joins Forces with Xenophobes?

Earlier today, Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams joined forces with anti-immigrant talk radio host Lars Larson in support of a costly scheme to check the papers of all employees of every company before the city of Portland would contract with them.

Commissioner Adams pledged to support or initiate the anti-immigrant, anti-business resolution only minutes after voicing his support for the new Day Labor Center slated to be constructed in Portland. Although he voiced support for the site, Adams was not present during yesterday’s hearing and did not participate in the vote to move the day labor site project forward.

Larson was so ecstatic finding a supporter for a law that targets employers who hire immigrants that he gave Commissioner Adams his “Props and Kudos” Award for the day.

The audio of Commissioner Adams' statement can be heard here.


Sam Adams said...

The context for my conversation yesterday with Lars Larsen was the City of Portland's Day Labor Center. I support the Day Labor Center. The Day Labor Center might not be the perfect answer to what is a difficult federal issue but it is a necessary, humane and compassionate local response.

I had an opportunity to follow up on the topic of this blog post with the Portland City Attorney Linda Meng. She feels that the current language required to be included in all city contracts already complies with federal law and prohibits city contractors from using undocumented workers on city contracts. I believe this makes unnecessary the need to take any additional city legislative action on this issue.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

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