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Monday, May 5, 2008

Anti-immigrant Group Endorses Rick Metsger for Oregon SOS?

On Saturday, Oregon's very own Anti-immigrant organization, Oregonians for Immigration Reform threw their support behind State Democratic Senator Rick Metsger for Oregon Secretary of State.

In OFIR's email to their members, they boasted of Metsger's introduction and vote in favor of Senate Bill 1080, which put into law the requirment that all Oregon Residents to prove their legal status before being issued a license. The passage of SB1080 has been a hardship to many undocumented immigrants that need to drive to work to support their families. Oregonians for Immigration Reform urged their members to support Metsger in the upcoming primary.

Nice to know Senator Metsger has made such good friends with those hostile to Latinos and Immigrants.


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