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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

CAUSA Debuts May Day Music Video featuring Chris Meza

Today, CAUSA debuted a music video highlighting scenes from last Thursday’s May Day March for Immigrant Rights. The video features a performance by Chris Meza, a new, up and coming Latino composer, producer and vocal artist.

Included in the video are clips from the May Day March and Rally in Salem where 2,500 immigrant rights supporters gathered to call for a restoration of drivers licenses for all Oregon Residents, passage of fair, just and non-punitive immigration reform and a halt to anti-immigrant legislation and workplace raids.

In addition to the march and rally footage, the video also contains segments from speeches given during the rally. Among the speakers featured are (in order) Ramon Ramirez , President of (PCUN) Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United, State Representative Chip Shields and Rev. Gail McDougal of the First Congregational Church in Salem.

For more information or for copies of the video, please contact CAUSA’s Communication Department.

To view the high quality version of the video, please visit this link and select "Watch in High Quality" below the video controls, just under the number of "Views"


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