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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lou Dobbs making a run for Governor?

As our partners at FIRM reported on Friday, apparently anti-immigration CNN commentator Lou Dobbs has been contemplating a run for Governor of New Jersey next year. To help Mr. Dobbs out, a website has been launched on his behalf announcing his platform.

His Platform:

  • Build a fence around New Jersey
  • Build like the biggest fence ever built around New Jersey
  • Deport everyone who looks like they might be an illegal immigrant
  • Ban the flying of the Irish flag on St. Patrick’s Day
  • Deport the Statue of Liberty back to France
  • Replace the New Jersey State Police with Minutemen

  • Although the platform seems realistic for Mr. Dobbs, if readers take a closer look, they will notice that the website is not real. According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, “Lou Dobbs is not a real candidate, he’s a caricature of what is wrong with the current immigration debate. He offers no real solutions to our broken immigration system, and simply uses his program to spread proven lies, stir up racial tensions and fear, and provide a platform to known hate groups.”

    The new Dobbs Campaign website is hosting a contest as well offering the winner who submits the best campaign slogan a free t-shirt with their slogan on it.

    For more information, visit


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