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Friday, January 30, 2009

Groups Hostile to Immigrants Attempt to pull GOP on their Sinking Ship

According to our allies over at Immigration Impact, during this week’s National Press Club, a panel from two anti-immigrant groups, Team America PAC and American Cause, discussed why they believe the GOP needs an anti-immigrant platform to save the party.

It seems they believe that because the United States is a “majority white nation”, the GOP needs to focus on winning the “white vote”. Needless to say, turn-out to the Press Club event was poor.

Apparently, as a follow-up to the Press Club event, one of the participants, Peter Brimelow will be speaking at a conference in Baltimore titled “Preserving Western Civilization” . He will tackle such issues as “Problems caused by Third-World immigration into Western Countries” and “Racial differences in intelligence, and how to deal with them.”

Brimelow is the founder of named after Viriginia Dare, the first white child born to English parents in the Americas. According to the article, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports that Brimlow published a book that “argues that America is historically white-dominated and should stay that way.” Go figure!

Read the full story over at Immigration Impact.

**UPDATE** An Editorial ran in Sunday's Edition of the New York Times titled "The Nativists Are Restless" discussing the National Press Club event among other aspects to those hostile to immigrants.



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