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Friday, May 1, 2009

Over 3000 Immigrant and Labor Rights Supporters Gather at Oregon State Capitol

Diverse groups and people unite in call for Fair and Just Immigration Reform and an end to ICE Raids and Deportations

Salem, Ore -- Against the odds of H1N1 Flu fears and attempts from Oregon right-wing talk show hosts to shut down May Day celebrations, today over 3000 immigrant and labor rights supporters rallied and marched at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem.

Speakers and attendees at the rally came from a range of backgrounds and representations which included immigrant and refugee advocacy, organized labor, members of the Oregon State Legislature, the faith community and nursery and restaurant business associations. Regardless of the backgrounds of those present, the historical unity in support of fair and just immigration reform and an end to raids and deportations was strong.

With signs on the horizon that millions of undocumented immigrants will finally have a path to legal status and citizenship, speakers reinforced the call on Congress and the President to pass a Comprehensive Reform bill this year.

State Legislator and Speaker of the Oregon House, Dave Hunt told the crowd that, “We need to do more peacemaking, and make less war. And it is time to end the war in this country on immigrants.” Hunt finished by saying that Congress needs to pass a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill.

As in Oregon, all across the nation immigrant rights advocates joined with the labor, religious and business community today to call for a common sense approach that gives the hard working men and women already here an earned path to citizenship, keeps families together and provides legal avenues for future workers to seek out opportunities here and join our struggle to strengthen our economy.



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