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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reform Immigration FOR America at DeFazio Town Hall

Eugene, Ore.--Constituents showed up today at a Eugene Town Hall to call on Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform. The Congressman spoke to a large crowd at the Hilton Eugene and Conference Center.

Although most questions were in regard to Healthcare Reform, one constituent urged the Oregon Congressman to support reform of the U.S. Immigration System making it more humane and just for immigrants coming to the country.

Congressman DeFazio is scheduled to speak later this evening at the Springfield City Hall.



Ken said...

Given the hesitations and concerns that Rep. DeFazio has been communicating to constituents like myself who have written to him in support of comprehensive immigration reform, I was pleased to see him not automatically reiterate such concerns at his town meeting today. In response to an audience member's urgings that he support immigration reform, Rep. DeFazio simply noted that President Obama had made it a priority, and that Congress had a lot on its plate and eventually would get to immigration reform once it dealt with health care, etc. I hope this means he is now becoming more willing to acknowledge the need for comprehensive reform and understands that doing nothing at this point is just not possible given the harm being done by our broken immigration system.
Ken Neubeck, Eugene

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