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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Immigration Reform Groups raising more funds than Enforcement-Only Opposition

According to the Associated Press, pro-immigration reform organizations are growing in influence and, for the first time, are raising more money than immigration restrictionist and enforcement-only groups.

Immigration Restictionists say that their funds from donations have slowed to a “trickle” as donors are discouraged.

Read the full article from the Associated Press by linking here.



Ivanov said...

A comprehensive immigration reform is long overdue. Shame on racists in
Congress such as Senators Sessions(Alabama), De Mint, (South Carolina), Issakson (Georgia) (Southern good'ole boys: stereotypes: anyone?anyone?) who prevent a much needed reform from happening. They don't know that they are on the wrong side of both history and demographics!
This is no longer a Billy Bob America!

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