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Monday, November 23, 2009

VIDEO: How to make Immigration Reform a Reality

Last Wednesday, 60,000 people joined what was an incredible call to action on overhauling our nation’s broken immigration laws.

This new video comes from America's Voice and features Congressman Luis Gutierrez unveiling his principles for reform in October and calls on people to help build the movement for real immigration reform.

H/T to the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) for doing the great write up!

"We all know our immigration system needs fixing.

Immigration has been used as a wedge to obstruct progress on everything from the Stimulus to health care reform— even the 2010 Census. There are many skeptics out there who believe Congress doesn’t have what it takes to pass reform in 2010 – or that even if they have what it takes, they don’t have the nerve to do it.

But just last week, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano reinforced the administration’s commitment to reform, laying out the details for why this push is different, and why we need to get it done.

What’s more, the national movement for real immigration reform is growing—and we are only getting bigger.

On Wednesday night, there were over 1,000 house parties in 45 states, with supporters gathered together anxiously to hear what they could do to help make reform a reality. All across the country, people are primed and ready to do whatever it takes to win this battle, and if you are not one of those people, now is the time to join the fight."
Join the campaign by signing up for text messages to your cellphone. Text REFORM to 69866 to receive campaign updates and action items!

In 2007, opponents of immigration reform took credit for flooding Congressional offices with angry calls and faxes. They used scare tactics to frighten vunerable members of Congress.

This time around that is not going to happen. But, to pass Humane and Just Immigration Reform it will take all of us to be involved. You can stay informed with important information by texting R-E-F-O-R-M to 69866. Be sure you are also signed up to receive CAUSA's e-Blast by clicking here. You can find additional information about the campaign by visiting the Reform Immigration FOR America campaign website.



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