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Thursday, August 26, 2010

What do Relief, Reform & Respect mean to you?

Originally posted at the Reform Immigration For American Blog

Right now, 1,100 people are deported every day under the Obama administration – an all time high for deportations in the past 10 years.

Each person deported represents a family separated, a community suffering and a dream deferred.

On September 15th people of faith and community leaders will gather in DC to carry with them the stories of these families and of their own communities suffering. That day, they will call for Relief, Reform and Respect.

We deserve RESPECT as human beings.

We demand RELIEF from immoral deportation policies

We are determined to achieve real immigration REFORM for America.

We want to represent YOU in Washington, DC on September 15th. What does Relief, Reform and Respect mean to you? Tell us in the comments.

And then share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter to see what Relief, Reform and Respect mean to them too.

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