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Friday, June 15, 2012

Oregon AFL-CIO and Causa Oregon Issue Joint Statement on Obama Administration's Deportation Relief Announcement

Joint Statement from Francisco Lopez, Executive Director, CAUSA Oregon, and Tom Chamberlain, President, Oregon AFL-CIO, on President Obama’s Restoration of the American Dream for Hundreds of Thousands of Americans

“Our organizations work to protect, for all Oregonians, the opportunity to find a good job, in a strong community, where you can raise a family. Today, President Obama made that opportunity a little closer to a reality for thousands of Oregonians.

President Obama’s new policy is an important first step to helping ensure that all Oregonians can find a good job. It is an important first step to ensuring that all Oregonians have security. True, it is only a first step; we remain committed to working with the President, and at the state level with our Governor and Oregon’s Legislature, to find a more permanent solution that ensures that Oregonians who attend school with our children, grow up in our state, and are ready to give back to our communities, are able to do so – no matter how, when, or why they came to Oregon.

The people Obama is helping are Oregonians we already work side by side with – except right now they work in fear, sometimes under different conditions and without the same protections we do. That puts us all at risk for exploitation. Oregon is better than that, and our country is better than that. That is why we stand together in support of President Obama’s new policy, and proud, today, for the progress we are making for all Americans."


CAUSA and the Oregon AFL-CIO collectively represent over 235,000 Oregonians. We work together on issues related to immigrant rights, rights at work and ensuring that all Oregonians have safe, secure, workplaces and can earn enough to support their families. Through a new partnership our organizations are working more closely than ever, and we will continue to do so until all Oregonians are guaranteed these rights.


DHS Press Release on Announcement


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