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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Causa Unveils 2013 Agenda and Discusses Historic Latino Vote

Causa Unveils 2013 Agenda and Discusses the Historic Latino Vote During Post-Election Briefing

Latino Voters Turn-out Big to Sway 2012 Election Results Nationwide

PortlandOre. -- This morning, Causa Oregon held a post-election press briefing including an analysis of races nationwide.  The briefing came on the heels of yesterday’s election which was not only historic for the large number of Latinos that went to the polls, but the significant impact that Latinos had on the Presidential and statewide candidate and issue races. 

Those who spoke at the briefing included Francisco Lopez, Causa's Executive Director, Meg Heaton, Causa's Staff Attorney and members of the Latino Community impacted by the inaction of the United States Congress on important issues affecting their families. 

In Oregon, Latinos will be looking at a different legislature this coming session with a now Democratic Majority in both the State House and Senate.  During today’s press briefing, Francisco Lopez, Causa’s Executive Director highlighted Causa’s Agenda for the upcoming year which includes legalization and restoring Access to driver licenses for all Oregon residents.

Lopez said, “Here at the state level there is no excuse now from the Governor or from the state legislature to pass driver’s license restoration. We don’t want to wait; we don’t want any excuses.  We want the restoration of driver’s licenses now.”

“We urge President Obama and the US Congress to act immediately by passing a legalization program for the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US. We want permanent solutions and not a band-aids or temporary solutions. We are willing to work with the President and the new US Congress by passing a comprehensive solution in 2013.”

Lopez added, “The anti-immigrant right-wing extremists are now on notice. They know that their rhetoric and extremist ideology backfired. Nobody who wants to run for President in the United States can win without the support of the Latino Vote.”

While it will be some weeks before the results of Oregon's Latino Voter turn-out, it is sure to mirror last night’s trends across the nation. Nationally, Latino and immigrant voters annihilated Mitt Romney and Republicans in many races around the county. The GOP's lurch to the right on immigration destroyed their chances of re-taking the White House and the Senate. Obama leaned into the issue by protecting DREAMers, a move that mobilized Latino voters and did not hurt him with swing voters.

As a result, the 2012 election is a game-changer. It produced a mandate for immigration reform. Our movement, which is getting stronger every day, will hold both parties accountable.  

About Causa Oregon
Causa, Oregon's Statewide Immigrant Rights Organization is the largest Latinaand Latino civil and human rights and advocacy organization in the Pacific Northwest. We work to defend and advance immigrant rights through coordination with local, state, and national coalitions and allies. For more information, visit



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