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Monday, March 3, 2008

Driver's License Restrictions Snares Republican Strategist

Last week, Publius over at Oregon Independent blog reported on a situation with Oregon’s new Drivers License law where a citizen needing a replacement driver’s license was denied. Immigrant Rights advocates have maintained since the new restrictions were first floated by the Governor back in November that it would not only affect immigrants, but citizens alike.

According to Oregon Independent, who picked up the story from a popular Republican blog, Jason Williams, a conservative lobbyist and political strategist for the Taxpayer's Association of Oregon found out just how tough getting a replacement driver’s license under the new law could be. He posted his entire account of navigating the new regulations in a blog entry. Readers can get that link over at Oregon Independent.

According to the Republican blog today, Williams was finally given his drivers license after making four trips to the DMV and waiting almost a week. He received a faxed letter from Alabama clearing his name and allowing the Oregon DMV to declare him a legal driver. Responding to the situation, the DMV clerk told Williams “this happens all the time”.

We leave you with this: Jason Williams is just one person. How many people, who do not have access to well known blogs to report their stories, are having the similar problems obtaining a replacement driver's license or renewal under Oregon’s new Driver’s License Law?


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