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Friday, May 30, 2008

Anti-immigrant Play of the Week: Lou Dobbs Confuses Himself on E-Verify

This week’s Anti-immigrant Play of the Week goes to conservative pundit Lou Dobbs host of a nightly news show on CNN, for contradicting himself on the voluntary employment verification system, commonly known as Basic Pilot or E-Verify.

According to Truth in Immigration, despite mounting evidence showing the system containing major flaws, and despite contrary assessments from his own show and other news programs on CNN, Dobbs claimed that “E-verify works”. Interestingly enough, Dobbs opposed E-Verify when it was part of the comprehensive immigration compromise, but seems to now endorse it when it is part of a deportation-only bill.

Lou Dobbs was recently featured in a report by Media Matters and articles from the Wall Street Journal and New York Times for his promotion of fear, anger and resentment towards immigrants. It seems to the anti-immigrant crowd facts mean very little, so long as their political agenda is met.


The Crater Lake Hermit said...

My opinion is that Dobbs is an extremely evil person dedicated to extremely evil deeds. After almost destroying our nation's honored history of kindness and decency toward immigrants, I can only wonder at what other treasured American value he will attempt to destroy next.
Ron Hager
Eagle Point

mrasking said...

We have legal immigration and illegal immigration. Americans continue to embrace immigrants that come through the system that leads to citizenship. Historically people have come through the system, followed the laws of the land and applied for legal status in this county. Lou Dobbs will have to address his own conscience for the way he speaks.
Latinos are not the only illegal aliens in this country. We have people in this country illegally from every country on the planet!

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